Digital Grading Company uses a process that is highly accurate.

Cards submitted to DGC via our online submission form

Next you can choose your level of service -

Basic Label 1 Month

Basic Label 1 Week

Custom Label 1 Month

Custom Label 1 Week


Card Cleaning to ensure the very best possible grade

Your order is processed and all cards have an initial overall condition check.

Cards are then placed under our custom made digital scanners to create high resolution scans of the front and rear of the cards.

These scans are then run through our AI programme to pick up any imperfections the human eye could miss.

Both scans are then checked as a second level of quality control.

These scans have a digital centering grid overlaid to check centering of the card.

The official grade is then given and then passed to the design team to create your label and QR code.

All scans are then uploaded to the QR code which can then be scanned by yourself or potential buyers to view the card in high detail and see all information about the card and grade.

Your label/labels are then printed and passed to our encasing team to seal using ultrasonic welding for an airtight seal.

We then place your slab/slabs into a protective bag that fits perfectly.

Finally we contact you to arrange payment and shipping. (Shipping service is chosen and paid for by you)