Highly Accurate Digital Grading

All of our grades start with the highest resolution scan of the front and reverse of the card. Any imperfections are picked up by our AI software including print lines, soft corners, surface marks and whitening. These scans then have a centering tool layered on top to accurately grade the centering of the card. While our grading is incredibly consistent and precise making high grade very difficult you can be sure DGC grades are accurate each and every time. Finally you can choose from a standard label, colour match or a custom design.

Custom Label

Our top tier features a completely fresh and artistic approach.

Utilising imagery from your chosen card, our top-class graphic designer will create a high quality design based around your chosen card for the most eye catching result. Ideal for those premium and high value cards. As cards have become increasingly more like works of art it is only fair we start to do them justice and give them a label and slab to match.